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What I have learned in nearly 38 years in the business

Some thoughts – not about career or leading others, but about life and leading yourself

What I have learned on the way of St. James

Walking for two weeks from Porto to Santiago de Compostella

Are you looking for support and orientation in difficult times?

Coaching also works virtually

Empowerment needs employees with power

The (economic) world is in upheaval You read it every day how quickly the world is changing. Change and transformation is now nothing fundamentally new, but the speed of change…

Full energy for the daily work routine: In the office – In sales – In management

“Stress” is a problem for many people – and therefore also for many companies. Depending on the market research institute, up to 85% of employees feel stressed. According to their own statements, this has a negative effect on the quality of work as well as on the physical and psychological well-being of more than half of them. One consequence of this is, for example, the increase in days off work. These have more than doubled since the year 2000 due to psychological problems, which are often caused by stress. And the general conditions are not getting any easier…

Making employees fit for change

“The world will never change as slowly as it does today.” You know the corresponding keywords such as digitisation, automation, globalisation, etc. The employees in the companies are the ones who must manage this change in order to make the company successful in the long term.

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