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I help you to find your way

Even professionals need a sparring partner!

Sometimes people feel insecure and look for personal orientation. They ask themselves: “What is my next step, what do I want to achieve at short notice or in my life at all? Others are burdened by the challenges in their professional and private lives and also by the difficulty of balancing both areas of life appropriately. Dissatisfaction, differences or even conflicts at work or in the family are further issues that burden many people.

For these and other questions a coach can support and help to find an answer – and also new perspectives, clarity and courage to face life. I offer you this support and accompany you or your employees for a certain period of time.

Coaching for your employees

My many years of professional and life experience and my training as a coach help employees at all levels:

  • Top managers sometimes don’t have the right interlocutors with whom they can exchange openly and trustfully. Such discussions can take place with me in a protected environment and at eye level.
  • Managers in middle management levels suffer from “too much of everything”, i.e. more and more tasks with fewer resources as well as “pressure from above” and “pressure from below”. Here a coach can help to find new perspectives and define priorities.
  • Specialists are struggling with change and the constant transformations in the company. They must constantly reorient themselves, learn and take on new tasks. Here a coach can help to find orientation.

What is coaching?

Coaching is about a connection between coach and client for a certain period of time in order to set and reach private or professional goals. The basis is a relationship based on voluntariness, mutual acceptance and trust. In regular sessions, the coach supports the client in defining, developing and achieving his/her goals through targeted discussion techniques and honest feedback.

What are possible topics we can work on?

  • Topics of personal life planning – at work and in private life

  • Definition of goals, development of ways to achieve them and dealing with obstacles along the way

  • Dissatisfaction with certain areas of life

  • Tricky situations at work and in private life

  • Questions about the relationship and communication with others – e.g. in conflicts or in leading employees

  • Uncertainties and difficulties in making decisions – Weighing up alternatives

  • Stress-Management

  • Changes in the personal business environment

What can you expect from me?

  • Empathy, appreciation, respect

  • A trustful relationship within a protected framework

  • The ability to listen well

  • A lot of professional and life experience

  • Support to find your way

Good to know!

  • The coaching sessions are absolutely confidential.

  • The conversations take place either personally, by telephone or Skype.

  • A coaching session lasts 60 or 75 minutes, depending on the agreement.

  • A first meeting or telephone call of 30 minutes is free of charge and without any further obligation.

  • Coaching is not consulting and not mentoring. As a coach I am the expert for the process. The client is and remains the expert for his/her work and his/her life. He/she is and remains responsible for it.

  • I have followed an intense training to become a coach. I have passed an assessment and I have been certified by the German Association for Coaching and Training. That means you are in good hands.