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My training shows your employees how to reach their maximum energy level.

My name is Friedhelm Simon. I show specialists and managers who have difficulties coping with the daily stress and the constant change how to achieve more personal energy and motivation so that they are efficient, successful and satisfied – without burning out.

Making employees fit for change

“The world will never change as slowly as it does today.” You know the corresponding keywords such as digitisation, automation, globalisation, etc. The employees in the companies are the ones who must manage this change in order to make the company successful in the long term. Now this is nothing fundamentally new, but the speed of change has increased significantly. Your biggest competitor in a year is perhaps a start-up that is just being founded. This confronts employees with major challenges. The company’s task is to make its employees fit for this change so that they can master these challenges well.

„Perform in the storm“

Only those who have sufficient personal energy and those who are able to lead themselves well will be able to lead others well. And only he/she will remain calm and in control, even in difficult situations, in order to make the right decisions. Stress, restlessness, nervous hectic and bad communication lead to wrong decisions. Stress can be defined as a subjective lack of personal energy to master a particular situation. Now, here comes my approach! My training shows the participants how to get the necessary energy they need to perform at their best – but without burning out. With a holistic, implementable and sustainable concept, all dimensions of individual performance are conveyed, trained and improved.

Physical energy

Mental energy

Emotional energy

Purposeful energy

Communicative energy

The benefit for your company

Higher employee performance

Higher employee motivation

Higher employee loyalty

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