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My training shows your employees how to reach their maximum energy level - and thus reduce stress and build resilience!

“Stress” is the key issue for many people.

Depending on the market research institute, up to 85% of employees feel stressed (Germany). According to their own statements, this has a negative effect on the quality of work and on physical and mental well-being in more than half of all cases. One consequence of this is, for example, the increase in days of absence. These have more than doubled since 2000 due to psychological problems, which are often caused by stress. And the basic conditions do not become easier…

The world will never change as slowly as it does today!

The changes in the world of work caused by globalisation, digitalisation and automation will continue to increase. This requires employees who can actively manage this change – without burning out. Employees and especially managers have to be trained and made fit for these challenges. My definition of fitness is holistic and covers all aspects of professional and private life. The participants then develop themselves through higher resilience, better performance and generally more well- being. This also pays off for the company:

  • Higher employee performance
  • Higher employee motivation
  • Higher employee loyalty

With full energy against stress

People feel stress when they subjectively don’t have enough personal energy to cope with a certain situation. This is where my training starts. I will show you how to gain more personal energy and develop resilience to cope with all the challenges of life. I consider the human being as a whole. So I include the physical, the mental, the emotional and the purposeful dimension. Only this holistic approach enables the participant to fully develop his/her personal energy and implement it in everyday life. The communicative energy is then trained based on the higher level of personal energy – because only in successful interaction with others can one really make a difference.

Physical Energy

“The body is our vehicle on the journey through life,” Buddhism says. We should therefore treat it well. A good physical constitution is also the basis for human performance. I show how important movement, sleep, food and drinks are for this. I give concrete and pragmatic tips from the practice for the practice, which are easy to understand and – even more important – easy to implement.

Mental Energy

In sports, you win games in your head because, for example, you play the right ball at the decisive moment, start the winning sprint or shoot tens with a steady hand. This also applies to the office. Only those who are in a position to concentrate and focus at the decisive moment and to make optimal use of their capabilities will be able to deliver top performance – e.g. winning a new major customer, carrying out a project excellently and on time or bringing the relevant innovation to market ahead of the competition.

I will show you how your employees can avoid distractions, gain focus, actively arrange breaks and recreation, and incorporate mindfulness and positive thinking into everyday life. By means of a personality test on internal drivers, employees recognise possible behavioural and thinking patterns and how they can profitably use or break them up. In addition they learn – on request – the basics of self-organization such as time management, prioritization, formulation of goals and e-mail management. My experience says: “It has never been so important to organize yourself as it is today”.

Emotional Energy

Feelings are part of life. Only those who are able to perceive and adequately express their own feelings and to recognize and appropriately respond to the feelings of others will be able to work successfully in a team and lead others. My trainings explain how this works best – especially how to keep a cool head in difficult situations and not make thoughtless mistakes.

Purposeful energy

“if one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.” (Seneca). Through various exercises, discussions and instructions I help the employees to define their values, priorities and goals. And I show you how important it is to connect with them – in your professional and private life.

Communicative energy

“You cannot not communicate” (P. Watzlawick) – therefore you should do it in such a way that it is helpful, understandable and purposeful for all people involved. The ability to communicate well is regarded as the key competence for the future – for all employees but especially for sales people and managers.

  • Active listening – the basics of successful communication
  • Emphatic communication (also called “non-violent communication”)
  • Feedback
  • Staff appraisals
  • Difficult / courageous conversations
  • Negotiations / customer meetings

It is important to me that there is a lot of practical work in my communication seminars. The participants practice and learn in the seminar. Experiencing it yourself makes all the difference.

Do you know the following remark: “The seminar was nice, but after two days everything was as before.” I want to avoid that. My trainings should have a lasting effect. That’s why all participants work intensively on their own. At the end of the seminar they define and prioritize possible goals and measures to increase their energy level in the various areas. I do give tips on how to implement and maintain new behaviors. But the participants decide for themselves – only this guarantees long-term success. Intrinsic motivation is crucial here.

The employees receive a detailed workbook that they can work through during the training and that can then also be used for follow-up. Numerous additional sources of information are listed there. This ensures the sustainability of the training. I also offer follow-up appointments, individual discussions and coaching in order to support each employee individually in achieving his or her goals. A regular newsletter with memories, new findings and tips can also help to ensure sustainability.

A company is only as good as its employees!

You want employees with 100% energy in order to get a higher employee loyalty, a better employee motivation and a permanently good employee performance? And you want to increase the success of your company sustainably?

Then arrange your first free strategy session with me!

I listen well and adapt my trainings to your needs, because each training should fit to the corporate strategy. I can address different target groups, set different priorities, combine modules and vary the length. The sustainability of the training is important to me, which is why I also offer support after the training. I will also be happy to advise you on how to create the right organisational framework conditions in your company in order to promote, motivate and retain resp. attract good employees.

Only those who lead themselves well can lead others well!

Managers and junior managers are of decisive importance for the success and future of a company. My training for managers shows them how to lead themselves better and how to lead others better on the basis of a strong “ego”.

Fit in sales

No company will be successful in the long term without efficient sales staff. Since sales employees are under particularly high pressure, it is even more important that they are absolutely fit and full of energy and that they successfully win and retain customers with focus, perseverance and optimism. My training shows salespeople how to successfully master this difficult challenge.

I am happy to incorporate classic sales topics such as negotiation preparation, negotiation management and customer management. More than 25 years of sales experience provide the necessary practical relevance.