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Why me?

I support companies and their employees in better mastering the daily challenges and the constant change.

Your trainer and coach

My name is Friedhelm Simon. I show specialists and managers who have difficulties coping with daily stress and constant change how to achieve more personal energy and motivation so that they are efficient, successful and satisfied – without burning out.

Please take some time to think about the following questions:

  • Do your employees often feel stressed and exhausted?
  • Are the employees often tired and is their energy and drive for action rather modest?
  • Do conflicts often occur? Do employees react angrily and in a bad mood?
  • Do employees have difficulties balancing their professional and private lives?
  • Is it difficult for many employees to pay sufficient attention to their physical well-being?
  • Is it difficult for many employees to concentrate and complete a task?
  • Are managers unsure what “healthy leadership” means?
  • Are there frequent absences due to illness, possibly even burnout?
  • Are there many complaints in employee surveys, e.g. about managers, processes, etc.?
  • Aren’t sales employees always at the customer’s premises with full energy?
  • Do valuable employees leave the company and is it difficult to find new good employees?

If you answer some of these questions with “yes” my training or my coaching might be able to help your company.

My training

You don’t want a theoretical “Blah-Blah”, but content that helps you in your daily (professional) life? You want support and tips that are understandable, comprehensible and realizable. You want a trainer who knows the modern working life and therefore speaks your language? And you want a lasting training effect?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

You want a team that feels ready to take on anything?

I`m able to provide my training contents in a credible, pragmatic and authentic way, because I have experienced and mastered all this by myself. Over 30 years of professional experience in a large international company as a manager and leader in sales have left their mark on me. I have learned how to deal with high time pressure, heavy workload, considerable resistance, demanding customers, constant change/frequent restructuring, etc. I have moved over 10 times and I lived and worked abroad as an expatriate for more than 7 years – and I`m married for 28 years, raised two children, worked as a volunteer for the community etc. But I am still fit, active, motivated, successful and optimistic.

Your employees can do that too!

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