Are you looking for support and orientation in difficult times?

Coaching also works virtually

The Corona crisis is more or less over. But there are still enough crises in the world at the moment – war in Ukraine, climate change, migration, to name just a few topics. For many people, this means increased uncertainty. And that is very understandable. Professionally, there are often significant changes, e.g. the switch to a home office. There, personal contact with colleagues is missing. Parents may feel stressed managing work and family/children. Then new technologies, new processes, international competition, etc. bring many a change to everyday working life. Many people also feel that things are getting faster and faster in their daily work and private lives. The pressure is increasing.

In this respect, the current situation can lead to questions, worries and insecurity and to a need for an exchange with a professional conversational partner. As a coach, I can support you here. Based on my comprehensive coaching training and my many years of professional and life experience, I am available to you as a coach and professional sparring partner.  I offer you conversations in a protected setting. I support you in finding the answers to your questions – and thus new perspectives and new clarity.

Coaching also works very well via Skype, Zoom or telephone. Since personal conversations are sometime difficult to arrange, this offers a good alternative.

Please contact me via email or via mobile phone +49 176 50621391.