Full energy for the daily work routine: In the office – In sales – In management

 “Stress” is a problem for many people – and therefore also for many companies. Depending on the market research institute, up to 85% of employees feel stressed. According to their own statements, this has a negative effect on the quality of work as well as on the physical and psychological well-being of more than half of them. One consequence of this is, for example, the increase in days off work. These have more than doubled since the year 2000 due to psychological problems, which are often caused by stress. And the general conditions are not getting any easier…

“The world will never change as slowly as it is today!”

The changes in the world of work due to globalisation, digitalisation and automation will continue to increase. This requires employees who can actively shape this change – without burning out themselves. For this, each team member needs sufficient personal energy, because stress can be defined as a subjective lack of personal energy to master a certain situation.

The batteries are empty? I’ll recharge them!

My trainings show the participants how to get the energy they need to perform at their best – but without burning out. With a holistic, implementable and sustainable concept, all dimensions of individual performance are communicated, trained and improved:

„Energy 4 Performance“

Would you like to

– More employee performance?

– More employee motivation?

– More employee loyalty?

Then please feel free to contacted me.  I’m more than happy to talk to you. 

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From practice for practice

You don’t want a theoretical “Bla-Bla”, but contents that help you in your daily (professional) life? You want support and tips that are understandable, comprehensible and realizable. You want a trainer who speaks your language? And you want a sustainable training effect? 

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I know the everyday business life of people from over 25 years of experience as a globally working manager and executive. I can communicate my training contents in a credible, pragmatic and authentic way, because I have experienced and mastered all this myself.

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Friedhelm Simon Training & Coaching

I help specialists and managers who are under a high workload and high pressure to have more personal energy and thus be able to cope better with stress, so that they are motivated again and are able to perform long term – without burning out, but instead feel physically, mentally and emotionally well.